MEETINGS are held at the Sayre High School (on Lockhart Street) at 7:00 P.M. in the Cafeteria, the 2nd Wednesday each month, except JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, and DECEMBER. Those meetings/events (and any changes) will be announced in the newsletter as to event time, date and location. Visitors are always welcome. There is a parking area on the side facing the hospital and a smaller lot in back via S. Hopkins Street. The red block is the cafeteria. During winter months especially, if the school announces that it is closed, then our meeting is canceled.


January 10 - 6:00 board meeting - 7:00 regular meeting -

3 hands-on programs at 7 pm or after the club meeting.

Bob McGuire will a lead a discussion on micro-mounting. He is bringing his microscope and examples and explain the fine art of micro-mounting.
He would like to ascertain if enough interest exists in the club and the community to re-activate the club’s micro-mount meetings.

Hilda Gardiner will lead the group interested in wire wrapping. In years past, some of us tried our hands at different craft projects before the regular meeting. We to are tryingfind our if there is enough interest do start that again. We could make arrangement again to be at the school at 6 every month and do a quick project or help each other with lapidary related topics. We are there for planning meeting on the odd numbered month anyway.

Inga Wells and other club members will be practicing their mineral identification skills. You can use the mineral ID kits Inga for Science Olympiad or bring a rock/mineral to be identified and learn the steps to figure out what it might be. Bob will follow this up with further mineral testing, using old fashioned methods, when the weather is warm enough to schedule a special meeting at Satterlee Creek Environmental Center. Some steps, like testing with HCL and cracking minerals to determine cleavage and fracture, can’t be done at the school cafeteria.

Bring a friend! As always, the public is invited to join us. We are hoping for a few good new members to join the club.

February 14 - 7:00 meeting - TBA

March 13 - 6:00 board meeting - 7:00 regular meeting TBA

March 23, 24, 25, OUR SHOW