MEETINGS are held at the Sayre High School (on Lockhart Street) at 7:00 P.M. in the Cafeteria, the 2nd Wednesday each month, except JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, and DECEMBER. Those meetings/events (and any changes) will be announced in the newsletter as to event time, date and location. Visitors are always welcome. There is a parking area on the side facing the hospital and a smaller lot in back via S. Hopkins Street. The red block is the cafeteria. During winter months especially, if the school announces that it is closed, then our meeting is canceled.


September 13...board meeting at 6:00....regular meeting at 7:00 Back at the school.

The Sept CheHanna meeting will have Deb Twigg from SRAC as speaker; her topic will be The 1916 Susquehanna River Expedition. Following is a brief summary of the talk:

A century ago this spring, a team of archaeologists traveled the Susquehanna River by canoe, searching for evidence of habitation by prehistoric Native Americans dating back thousands of years.

The 1916 Susquehanna River Expedition marked the first scientific exploration of a waterway central to the history of North America. It’s considered a milestone in the annals of archaeological discovery 100 years later.

“The primary purpose of the survey was to record and examine prehistoric sites,” wrote expedition director Warren King Moorehead.


October 11...7:00 meeting and annual auction


November 8...6:00 Board meeting =====7:00 regular meeting...program to be announceg