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On Sunday, October 15, we will be meeting at the South Waverly Borough Hall, 2523 Pennsylvania Ave. at 1 P.M. until 2.
The hall is located on the corner with Pleasant St. Please use the front door where the stairs are. If anyone has difficulties with stairs, there is a ramp door. Please let me know if you need that. 607-435-7426.
Program: metal ores with special properties and making spooky critters out of wire and beads.

Saturday, October 21, we will also meet at the Sheshequin-Ulster Recreation Center, 65 Totem St. Ulster at 10 A.M. until 11:30. That is just off Route 220 across from Bishop's restaurant. We will learn about the first 5 minerals of the Mohs hardness scale and make scarry critters as well play candy-corn bingo.
We will meet there again on Saturday, November 11 at 10 A.M.

We will meet at the Borough Hall on Sunday, November 19, at 1 P.M.. 

No meetings in December.



Here is Aubrey working on her terrarium. The Jrs do a lot of fun and exciting things. Great job Aubrey.



Our Great Junior Rockhounds,

Courtney and her Regional SciOly hardware...medaled in 4 of her 5 events. Great job to Courtney and all the students.


Congratulations to Jadon Henrich and Bella Reborn. They won many medals at the Science Olympiad Regional yesterday. I will check all those posts from last night and post a photo later today.
Jadon competed in 6 events and spend most of his school year working hard on all of it. His partner in Rocks and Minerals, Bryly Brenner, was unable to attend the regional due to illness. I hope he will be feeling better soon. Basil, one of our C-team high school students, will be my assistant coach to help Jadon and Bryly rock that difficult rock and mineral test when they go to States Competion in April. So glad to know all these hard working kids at Athens.



photo by Angie




Jordan receiving his sash from Katie.
Courtney Shepler receiving her Junior Rockhound of the year award. I should bring a step stool when presenting something to the kids. - with Courtney Shepler and Bonnie Norton.