FIELD TRIP September 18, 2019

"Che-Hanna Rock and Mineral club is having a field trip to the Ace of Diamonds to collect Herkimer diamonds (quartz crystals)
The trip is September 28th with two starting points.
The earliest is at 7:30 A.M. in the parking lot that used to be K-mart in Sayre.
The second is on I 88 at the rest area near mile marker 39.
Probably, we will all be there at 9 AM.

 From I 88 exit 13 we will take 205, to 80, to 28North. The site is in Middleville.

The club will pay the $10 fee for eligible club members.

Inga has a few extra screen boxes to lend. Cracking rocks with sledges is another way to find diamonds.

Bring tools you are capable of using, lunch, liquids. And maybe a poncho or sunscreen.
There is a rest room on site. 
The possibility of a second site has been discussed.
We will dig a couple hours before making any decisions.
Questions??????? Call:

Dave Millis